Sexual Trauma Treatment Denton Texas

When an individual experiences sexual trauma, they are at risk for developing a mental health disorder or drug and alcohol dependency. Some of the mental health disorders associated with sexual trauma includes anxiety, depression, panic disorders and agoraphobia. At UBHDenton, Texas, we offer specialized care for sexual trauma and mental health disorders.

Women in crisis revive compassionate care for sexual trauma and associated mental health disorders and chemical dependency problems in a program that has been designed to meet the needs of women. Our Exclusively Women Program addresses sexual trauma, along with many other issues and mental health disorders. Treatment is provided in groups that are limited to women, including therapeutic groups, educational sessions and other group activities.

For women who have experienced sexual trauma in combat, we offer a program that addresses sexual trauma, post traumatic stress disorder and other issues related to combat. The Freedom Care Program is designed to assist soldiers who have experienced sexual trauma in the military, as well as PTSD treatment, chemical dependencies and other metal health disorders in an integrated approach that is designed to meet the unique needs of members of the military.

Please browse our website to learn more about University Behavioral Health of Denton, Texas and our treatment programs for sexual trauma, mental health disorders and chemical dependency treatment. Please call our psychiatric hospital today at 940-320-8100 or 888-320-8101 for more information about our inpatient, partial hospitalization and outpatient programs and a free, confidential assessment.