Chemical Dependency Counseling Programs Denton Texas

UBHDenton, Texas is a free standing psychiatric hospital and chemical dependency rehab center. Each psychiatrist and member of our clinical staff is dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients in our mental health and chemical dependency programs. We offer a continuum of care that includes detox treatment, inpatient care, partial hospitalization and outpatient chemical dependency counseling.

Depending on the type of drug or alcohol problem, the first step may be detox treatment. Our psychiatric hospital offers detox treatment in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. Once the patient has been stabilized and through detox, the next step is generally chemical dependency rehab on an inpatient basis. The inpatient program includes therapy sessions, educational sessions and other activities designed to facilitate healing and a return to health.

Chemical Dependency Rehab Denton Texas

In some cases, a chemical dependency exists with another mental health disorder. These cases are known as co-occurring disorders. We have chemical dependency programs that are designed to provide effective mental health disorder treatment and chemical dependency rehab. The programs are based on a 12 step approach and other treatments that have been shown to be effective.

In addition to inpatient care at our psychiatric hospital, we offer day hospital programs that allow patients to go home in the evening and return each morning for therapy. The last step is continued therapy in our outpatient clinic to help you stay on the road to recovery. Call University Behavioral Health of Denton, Texas today at 940-320-8100 or 888-320-8101 for more information or a free assessment.